90North Ice Consulting AB

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The Basic& Advanced Course covers all training requirements in the IMO Polar Code, which were mandatory as of 1 July 2018.  This courses meets IMO STCW 2010, Table A-V/4-2. The course is taught by highly professional and experienced mariners, Icebreaker Masters experienced in Arctic ice and Masters/Chief Enginers of ice-classed cargo ships.


  • - Polar Code Regulations & Standards           - Ice Nomenclature
    1. - Ice Dynamics                                                - Satellite Imagery
    2. - Arctic Meteorology                                        - Vessel Performance in Polar Waters
    3. - Low Air Temperatures                                  - SAR in the Arctic/Antarctic
    4. - Vessel ice classes and Characteristics        - Voyage Planning and Polaris
    5. - Maneuvering in Ice                                       - Ice Breaker Operations
    6. - Crew Preparation                                         - Working Conditions & Safety
    7. - Survival/First Aid in Cold Climate                 - Environment/MARPOL
    8.                   Virtual Reality Simulation Exercises/full size simulators 

Course Details


- PRICE: 2200EUR

- LENGTH: 4 Days

- APPROVAL: 90North Ice Consulting AB

- TRAINING METHOD: Lecture and Simulation


- INSTRUCTORS: 90North Ice Consulting in cooperation with Viking Ice   


EQUIPMENT:  Full Mission Bridge, and VR.

PREREQUISITES: For Advanced must have Basic STCW certificate.

CAPACITY: 30 for Basic and 16 for Advanced

MINIMUM ENROLLMENT: 7 for Basic, 6 for Advanced and 5 for Combi.

(The course is subjected to being cancelled if minimum enrolment is not met)

After successfully passing the test, trainees will obtain an STCW Polar Code Basic and/or Advanced certificate issued by the Swedish Maritime Administration, which is recognized by all flag states. Mariners will satisfy the training requirements of IMO STCW, Table A-V/4-1 for Basic and Table A-V/4-2 for Advanced Polar Code.

This course is geared to Masters, Chief Mates, and Officers in charge of a navigational watch on board ships operating in polar waters and for shore staff that would like to have more understanding about the trade area for Polar waters.

2 weeks prior to the course start date, if minimum enrollment is not met the course is subjected to be canceled.